Creative CWEST is a fun program concept by Cerebral Equilibrium.

The idea is simple but comes with a detailed explanation. 

We are opening the doors for people to learn and discover their own path to a more positive, aware and spiritual way of life. The pathway for discovery is what we call the quest. With each persons individual quest comes the ability to inspire growth in others, therefore giving us all an opportunity to serve the greater good.

This is not a faith based event. We are not here to promote, push or force any type of religion or denomination into your life. These events are open to all, regardless if we have a strong faith or no faith at all. We share our interpretation of wisdom traditions passed on through the history of humankind. 

With an open mind, willingness to learn and artistically express ourselves, these events may afford us an opportunity to discover something more about ourselves and others, thus beginning our quest to a more enlightened understanding of life. 

The discovery and learning process is facilitated by our well-thought-out, but simple event format. 

• Everyone who comes will receive the theme booklet that we diligently prepare. This event theme is, Positive Intent - Ego vs. Soul

•We will share a brief talk about the event theme, which will incorporate ideas, lessons, explanations and interpretations of and about the theme presented as well as ways we can apply it to our lives.

•Next we will introduce music to our theme by sharing about a musician/dj/band as well as playing music from said musician/dj/band.

• While listening to music, we will proceed with a planned art project that will tie into our theme. 

•We aim to immerse ourselves in presence and open discussions while using the creative part of our brains, thus opening ourselves to, and allowing a unified loving energy to enter into our being. 

• The goal is to always leave with something more than what we came with both physically (being the art project and theme pamphlet) and meta-physically (being the good energy and understanding). The keepsake will always remind us what we have learned and how to apply it into our lives and share it with others. The understanding an application of what we learned is what will help us to continue on our quest as individuals serving the greater good. 

Create your own Quest. The journey starts here.