For Sale: 2 VW Corrados $4,000

1993 VR6 SLC 5spd Black Leather Int.

This is the 1st of a 2 car package.  I bought this in 2001, it had 65k on it. I put about 30K miles on it until around 2005 when It took a hit on the right rear quarter.  It has been sitting ever since.  I replaced the bad area with a fiberglass skin.  My intentions and vision of completely restoring it never manifested.  Both of these cars have no meaning and purpose to me anymore,  I know for certain that there is someone out here who will find a good use for both of them. The VR6 maintains the original drive train at around 98k miles.  It has a black leather interior that is in great condition.  Everything is removed from the inside except the front seats and door panels.  What's not in the car is treated, covered and stored in our heated garage. The video at the bottom of the page is from 2013, which after swapping in the fuel pump from the 1990, it fired up.  It cranks now but doesn't start and I'm under the assumption that the old fuel pump that I  swapped in is no longer well.  I have all 4 Speedline wheels.  I also have the VW Corrado Big Book.  This car is begging for someone to take it and put some serious love into it, or strip it and take the serious love out of it!

1991 Vw Corrado G60 Cloth Interior


In 2003 I drove this home from Philly with plans to restore and make a daily driver. That never happened.  It has been sitting here for 12 years, been hit by a tractor on the drivers side front fender. It's an automatic.  It has really good metal and glass except for the front fender. The front bumper is lying around somewhere.  Great for parts or a small restoration. 

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These cars are in need of some work or can be parted out over time. I bought the 93 VR6 in 2001 for $13,000. The body has been neglected but this thing runs like hell and has never given me issues..until after I let it sit..for a very long time.  I could probably take some time, put a new fuel pump in, put the interior back together and get this VR6 on the street- then make a lot more on it, and if they don't sell that's what I'll do. look I know what they mean to vw die-hards....I used to be one....kinda.  This SLC has an outstanding interior, outstanding motor and tranny, its as rare as can be, and coming up on the 25th anniversary.   I stand firm on my price.  both cars. $4,000  

Fill out the form if you are interested and I will reply a.s.a.p.  I suggest leaving a phone number and a time you are available- so I can call you.