The Perfect Cry

Have you ever experienced a truly grateful cry?

Yesterday morning, after releasing Katie Keister's story and everything attached to it, I jumped in my car and drove toward the gym. During that trip I had one of the above said "grateful cries." I haven't had one of these lately. I realize this is most likely due to most of my time being spent in creator mode.  Constantly building, forging, designing and navigating within the constructs of this heightened understanding of reality. Creating things that serve a loving purpose...things that awaken spirits by inspiring them out of the confines of there present circumstance.  

The "grateful cry" is now what I will also consider the "perfect cry."  I must digress. 

Legacy of the Heart, like many of the things I'm consciously creating, was a thought-turned-idea, turned evolving vision, turned reality.  This process has been something I've experienced hundred of times since my spiritual awakening back in the winter of 2012.  Yes, I have experienced many things happen in my life, but it wasn't until after I became aware that I was able to fully experience life and allow myself to fully embrace each experience.

In comes the alchemy.  

In a recent conversation with a natural bodybuilder/massage therapist/wellness guru named Curt Green, who celebrated 10 years of sobriety on September 24th - I learned that Alchemy can be a process where one takes information, ideas, experiences, and newly learned knowledge and "distills it." This process is done when we create a space in our mind by first meditating to bring stillness.  Once we are in a higher level of consciousness, we then introduce thoughts and reflections allowing the spirit to process the universal meaning trapped within the information.  With "meaning" comes emotions, direction, and realizations that bring awareness for what we do next.  

My alchemy often happens without meditation.  As a matter of fact it usually happens in my car, while driving, with the right song, shortly after completing a set of works which greatest purpose is to inspire others and bring good, fruitful energy into the world.

The realization of what these works do, in combination with gratitude for the sum total of all my past experiences and all energies contained within, both good and bad, lead up to a pinnacle moment where it all makes sense and brings a full feeling of purpose.

It is a perfect storm of emotions and loving energy that lasts as long I am able to be present in that perfect love.  The film reel of images plays through the mind.  This last cry was full of images from my past struggles, my present gifts, images of people being inspired, people smiling and coming into realizations as a result of reading and watching Katie's Legacy of the Heart Story.  In these moments I cry from a heart full of gratitude.  

A perfect cry is as simple as being extremely present in a loving stream of thoughts.

At one point in my life I thought crying was some sort of weakness.  I now realize this past thought was just part of my conditioned, enslaved and fearful mind.  

Today, I am aware of fear.  It comes from many things and can be suppressed with a "Bigger Picture" understanding of life.  No matter who we are, there is something I'm pretty certain about.  It's that we are all great parts of something much greater. 

Your "Perfect Cry" will come.  

Be kind to yourself and others. Love more and fear less.  And don't be afraid...when you love what you never knew you could.