Life: No Absolute Formula

I always try to remind people that I don't expect them to be like me, think like me or do the things that I do.  I just want them to see and read what I am doing with the hopes that it will encourage them to make positive changes in their lives.  If you do find yourself doing the things I do, well then you have become a product of my encouragement.

Life can seem difficult at times.  There is no absolute formula for how to live a positive productive lifestyle, there is however thousands, if not millions, of people who do it every day.  With that being said, it will always start with yourself.

Today I want to tell you, never be afraid to put yourself in check.  Straight up, I put myself in check all day long.  It has become so instinctual to question my every move and decide whether it is the right thing to do.  I do this by not only thinking about how it may affect myself, but also when it applies, I think about how it may affect others.  It takes time and work, but once you slow down your thought process and inject a little foresight, you then begin to see things more clearly.  Inside this clarity you will start to learn many things about yourself that you may not have known.  We all posses good qualities, it's just a matter of unlocking them.

The next simple thing to work on is recognizing negative behavior.  Often times negative behavior becomes a habit that we don't recognize.  We have grown into a time where negativity is so often overlooked because of how comfortable we get with our status in life.  We don't feel like our behavior is wrong because no one tells us otherwise.  This is usually because we have somewhat surrounded ourselves with people who are doing the same things.  It must be noted that I'm not saying negative people are bad people, I'm just saying that they have yet to get that spark that lifts them up on a more optimistic route.  

I have a few suggestions for helping you to break negative behaviors. Every time you complain about something you must in turn compliment something.  Instead of pointing out someone's flaws, tell them something about them that is good.  Instead of posting about something wrong in you life, post about something right in your life...and if you think there is nothing right in your life try to remember that your breathing oxygen without a machine..then be thankful for that.

These few tips will help you build your tolerance for negativity.  You will then only tolerate so much until you walk away or avoid it completely.   I can already see more positive days are waiting for you my friend!