Life: "Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself"

"Be Mindful" Two words that, if taken seriously and done in a positive light, can change the rest of our life and in turn, will change the lives of everyone and everything with whom we come in contact!

We should never underestimate the power of the human mind. Today I share my thoughts in the form of words so that they will potentially help you to communicate with your voice inside, and so that you may hear your own voice more clearly, and then let your inner voice help you become a better you!

Every decision, thought, action and reaction we make, whether it be good or bad, has a consequence. I have come to believe that being mindful is incredibly important in every phase of our thoughts-to-actions process and I will soon get to the reason why.

Being mindful is also incredibly important for living a life filled with gratitude. It is my belief that a life filled with gratitude is best achieved by being mindful of the things we should be grateful for.

I believe that being mindful is also the most powerful human ability in what can be described as the "pursuit of happiness." With this understanding, it makes sense that cultivating happiness is often a direct consequence of being mindful of our intent and spiritual presence. Being mindful of our intentions and spiritual presence means that we have a full understanding as to whether or not what we are doing is right or wrong, good or bad and whether it comes from our ego or soul.

Being positive and mindful is something that we need work on every single day, and to help give you a better understanding, I'm going to give you an example where being mindful in a positive way can change our lives in a positive way.

I am also going to show you why it is important even in the most seemingly insignificant situations, and that it is not something that will always happen right away.


You are driving in your car and someone pulls out in front of you. You have to slam the breaks a little but you have plenty of time to slow down before something happens. In this moment what do you do? Do you curse and yell at this person? Do you ride up on their bumper waving your hands in the air, potentially causing harm to yourself or others? Do you let it anger you? Do you let it change the rest of your day? Or...

Do you become mindful of the situation and before you react or over react? Do you say to yourself, 'okay, I didn't hit them, we are all safe, and yelling and screaming at them will not change anything that has already happened.' Do you say to yourself that riding their bumper is not a good idea and that cursing, yelling and screaming at this person is a behavior that does not reflect who I really am? Or do you yell, scream and maybe ride their bumper a little and then say to yourself what they did sucked, but how I reacted was not like the person I really am, or am wanting to be?

I use this situation because at some point or another it has happened to all of us, whether it happened to us, we saw it happen to someone else, or we are guilty of the act ourselves. I also use this example so that you can see how see how being mindful during every single life situation is important for keeping ourselves from keeping and sending out negative energy. By now I hope your awareness allows you to see that positive behaviors usually result in positive things happening.. and negative behaviors tend to result in negativity showing up in our lives. It is my belief that being mindful of the nature of our behaviors, before, during or after every moment is our way of protecting ourselves from keeping and sending out negative vibes, and is also the key that if turned every day, will unlock the door to a more positive life.

Being mindful is kind of like slowing down time so we can think before we act, and if we begin to do this with some sort of consistency, we will find that it starts to become second nature.

With that being said we must also remember that being mindful can also happen AFTER you do something that may not reflect the type of person we are or the type of person we are working to become. This instantaneous forgiveness is usually done by saying to ourselves and truly meaning this thought, 'I was wrong and I will work harder next time to not do the same thing.' This is just one example, but this same mind-state which reflects a positive reaction is the same mind-state that we should be using for every single thing we do.

By doing this we can learn and grow from every single moment in our life. Good or bad, happy or sad, every single situation is best approached by being mindful of our thoughts and actions, and how they will affect ourselves and others during these moments. No matter what the situation may be, and how hard it may be at times, always seeking even the finite smallest pinhole of positive light will be the one thing that will keep you strong. Filling our heart with love and gratitude will take that pinhole of a light and turn it into a blinding beacon for the true meaning of our life.

It boils down to this; being mindful in a positive way is using that inner voice to consult with and keep ourself in check and to always look at everything we do and determine if it is right or wrong, how it affects others, and ultimately how it will reflect the type of person we are. It also helps us to express gratitude, because being mindful will constantly remind us that we have everything to be grateful for.

To end, I will say that being mindful has shown me that those of us who fill every single aspect of our lives with positive thoughts, actions, and intentions become more likely to live a successful life that is filled with happiness and purpose and one that will ultimately inspire everyone and everything around us.  And in return we see changes in others that will then inspire us.  It is my belief that this cycle will facilitate our souls into a smoother ascension to the higher dimension of love. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself
— Ice Cube