Life: The Magic is Happening...You Just Have To Let It In

If we let's world will fight hard to put an enormous amount of unnecessary pressure onto our reason for being.

So much so that we often forget to "Just Be."

We often find ourselves in the throws of our individual passions "to become." Which in most cases is very stellar! I believe it is important that within this- we must seek to always be aware of the great energy working from within every one of us! And that this great energy is something to be very grateful for.

From my personal experience the magic happens when our POSITIVE INTENT includes serving the greater good. Which includes among many other qualities.. simply being a kind, caring, compassionate, selfless, positive, empathetic, aware and forgiving person...every single day.

What becomes the key for taking all of our abilities, skills and blessings and turning them into “PURPOSE” is the use of our POSITIVE INTENT in combination with a fine tuned INTUITION that is gained by working on and expanding a conscious contact with the higher power of our understanding. And by doing this every single day!

I believe that this great overseeing all understanding energy is the very thing that binds all intelligent beings together. And through us, with us and without us... it will always react beautifully and harmonically to any energy that is created out of real love.

Today and forever
I hope that my words will allow you to more easily Love
and “Just Be.”
I promise that magic is happenin
you just have to let it in
— the Featherhawk