Life: Not So Random Act of Kindness

2015-02-16 18.24.30.jpg

Today as I was in Pottsville to get some supplies for a job I was doing and while traveling through a red light at the downtown Dunkin Donuts, I noticed there was a car stalled out half-way in the lane going into the Brok-Sel.  I saw a women pacing frantically, so I immediately pulled over in front of her to offer my assistance.  She was stalled at a bad spot, cars were beeping, people were getting noticeably angered.  I calmly asked what was wrong and she replied"  I don't car just stalled out."  I could tell she was nervous and didn't know what to do, and the bad energy coming from the traffic wasn't making the matter any better.  I asked her to jump in the car and let me see if I can push her off to the side a little.  Keep in mind we are at a busy intersection and her car was halfway in a one lane section.  She got in and I pushed with all my might and just as it began to move another lady came to help me.  The both of us were  pushing  the car and at the same time she said to me " I was inside the store and everyone was angry and complaining about this car being stalled in the entrance."  I said without thinking.."typical for this area, instead of getting angry and complaining, they should  have come to  help her."  We got her slightly off the road to a safer spot and our helper then left after we thanked her.  I then asked the women to pop the hood so I could have a look underneath.  Usually when something goes wrong with our cars we always look under the hood...right? Of course we do!  

Now this was a newer Ford and when she popped the hood everything looked fine.  The battery terminals weren't corroded, it seemed okay.  I asked her for the key, to see how it would act while I tried to start it.  I turned the key, and it started right up.  Everything seemed fine.  She was elated and thanked me.  I gave her a hug and asked her where she was going.   She said that she was going to the Good Samaritan hospital about a mile away.  I said, "let me follow you just in case something happens"  She said "okay."  I followed her over to the Good Sam.  When she got to the parking lot gate, she stopped and jumped out of her car.  She handed me an Olive Garden gift card and said here take your girlfriend out to eat.  I accepted her gift smiled and said you didn't have too, but thank you.  She smiled and said, "no, thank you... your a savior! I smiled and said "have a wonderful rest of your day."  

As I'm driving away all I could think was, I don't have a girlfriend, so I'll give this to a homeless person, or better yet I'll find a homeless person and take them to Olive Garden myself..treat him or her real nice!  

Now, normally when stuff like this happens I don't tell anyone or write about it, but this time around I felt compelled to talk about it.

You see, over the past few weeks I have come to a better understanding for the importance of expanding awareness and seeking higher consciousness.  With this new thinking, I have come to many new realizations.  And now more than ever things of this nature are happening for me quite often.  I have to believe that they are happening more often because I am inviting these happenings into my life.  So much of my day is spent working on my businesses.  While I work, I can't help but think of others, how much I love them, and what I am going to do to help people.  I get excited to be kind!  Then when I leave and go out into society, I end up in the right place at the right time.  It's not a coincidence, this is just how it works!  We always picture the guy helping the old lady with her groceries..that's who I have become, that's who we can all become, and become it every day. 

 I'm not telling you this for any reason except to remind you that it is important to disconnect ourselves from ourselves, and when we get out in public, it is important to seek being kind to others, even if it is just a smile or a kind greeting, or as much as helping someone who is stalled in the middle of the road. We invite happiness into our own life by bringing happiness to others.  

It's been said that we are part of an intelligent system.  So I believe that we cannot neglect this intelligent system with anger, disgust and disapproval...because this intelligent system will only bring into our life more anger, disgust and disapproval.   To hear and see that people were angered at this women and her unfortunate place to have car problems- had me being empathetic.  As I'm being empathetic, I put myself in their shoes for a minute and while I was in their shoes I realized, that was me in my old way of thinking.  With my empathy came a thought and prayer.  I prayed to the God of my understanding - to give them strength and to show them a new way of thinking.  To show them, by creating another opportunity for them to be kind, instead of angry....or maybe by creating an opportunity where they will need someone TO BE KIND to them.