Throwback: The Glitch Mob @ The Electric Factory 3/14/14

From March 14, 2014:

I was completely unaware of the current lunar phase, until I noticed the moons almost full reflection beaming off the iconic, large, and at the time vibrating windows of Philadelphia’s famous Electric Factory. At the time I was already at a heightened level of excitement, and under pretty much every other circumstance, I would say “It’s a full moon, no wonder I’m feeling so crazy”. It’s an easy association right? Not so fast though.  Friday night there was a bigger “force” present in Philadelphia, and if you were in attendance during The Glitch Mob’s performance, you will most likely be nodding your head up and down while saying “yes” . I will now explain why I consider this show to be Philadelphia’s most “Legendary Live Electronic Performance” to date!

As we grow as fans and followers of our favorite artists we eventually begin to see how some of them put an enormous amount of time and passion into what they are doing. This became very apparent right after The Glitch Mob released the “Love Death Immortality Album” along with the news of their tour that would follow. So, Like most people, my best bud Krohy and I were counting down the days to this truly special event, and for good reasons.

You see,The Glitch Mob gives their fans something on a level that not many artists are able to achieve. They give each individual fan their own personal connection to how the music fits in their life. They write their music so that it can tell a different story for every listener. It’s because of this, that on Friday the 14th of March 2014, you could feel something powerful consuming the Electric Factory. For those that didn’t make it,you may be asking how so? I will give you your answer but first, let me take you through parts of this “life changing” evening in Philadelphia!

As we entered the Electric Factory, Penthouse Penthouse was just finishing up their set, and soon after, Ana Sia would take the dimly lit stage. Like I mentioned before, I was already filled with excitement, which was causing me to bounce around in an effort to get everyone to dance. It’s like a switch for me, as soon as I enter a venue and hear any sort of rhythm, my feet begin to shuffle and I’m off like the Energizer Bunny. The supporting artists were pushed way off to the right side of the stage because The Glitch Mob had a new larger stage setup, which at the time was covered. It was one of those things that just had your imagination running wild. Everyone was so curious, and could not wait to see what was under that cover.

On the left side of the dance floor I found myself surrounded by an awesome group of fanatic people who were bouncing up & down, and letting loose to Ana Sia’s techno groove! One of those fanatic people is a guy named Jorick, who made it clear to me that he was from Holland and he is going to show me how to “Party like a Dutchman”. I laugh to myself because he was so enthusiastic.  Immediately I knew this was going to be one hell of a time!

Ana Sia finished up with her set and for about 15 minutes we all hung tight, laughed and took pictures. The Glitch Mob team was most likely making sure everything was working properly before they would make their grand entrance!

(Press Play)

The excitement was growing. You could feel the energy in the air. The “force” was alive and well, although not yet completely manifested, it was there. It was secured inside of each and every one of us, ready to be unleashed.

Suddenly, and in a very quick manner, the stage crew would peel back the cover to reveal a raised deck structure, with three identical, raised, front facing control consoles. The center console was offset a little more toward the back. The crowd roared as The Glitch Mob came onto the stage. Surrounding Boreta (left), Ooah (center) and edIT (right) was what looked like search lights. The "force" could no longer be contained and so it would begin, and it would begin with the the first song on "Love Death Immortality" which is  "Mind Of A Beast".  "Mind Of A Beast"  is a great opener.  It has an intro that builds up from what seems like a slightly lower volume, which fades almost all the way out, then comes back in completely maximized as if to say "WE ARE HERE".  This was just the beginning.

Words can barely describe how incredible it was to see and hear them performing live. While reading this we must always remember that they are triggering and playing every single element of their songs. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the things that looked like search lights..they are actually drums, yeah, playable drums!!

Shortly after they opened I made my way up front so I could snap some photos. While I was up there they played “Our Demons (feat. AJA Volkman)”. During this song I found myself completely captivated. This song has a very large emotion to it. The vocals seem to find their way into your being and push something through your heart. Seeing and hearing this live, is one of the moments I will take with me for the rest of my life!! That and I captured 15 beautiful seconds of the best part on my Instagram!

The Glitch Mob would show complete ownership by weaving all their great music in & out of the remaining songs from "Love Death Immortality".  Seeing them perform their music in the manner they did, gave me a great new appreciation for live performing artists.  To add to the already awesome package, they had an incredible visual stage show designed by Martin Phillips, who has also done visuals for likes of Deadmau5 and Daft Punk.  This performance would authenticate how powerful technology becomes, when used properly. Now I'm going to take the time to go through some of these songs and point out what was happening at the exact moment that they were being performed! I'm going to embed these songs so you can play them as you read!

“Drive It Like You Stole It” is a song that has a melody that seems to talk. It’s boom bap drums and smooth synth rise had everyone’s shoulders in flow. You couldn’t help but notice the a sea of smiles pointed toward the ceiling as everyone had their heads high, as if to say “Ahh yeah”. It was really awesome to see them perform the breakdown of this song. The hairs on my arms literally just stood up!! And so it continues…

“Warrior Concerto” from the “We Can Make The World Stop EP” highlights one of my favorite Glitch Mob weapons, “Classic Strings”. It’s uplifting intro takes you for a short ride before diving into an element of uncertainty! One thing is for certain though, this one had us bouncing on our toes and banging our heads! The second part of the song really brings in some bright synth sounds and makes for a climatic departure! What an awesome display.

Once again, I have goosebumps when I hear this song. “Derezzed – Daft Punk (The Glitch Mob Remix)” Turning something amazing into something really amazing. This song is so much fun to dance too. To see and hear it live, makes it even more fun to dance too. It’s all about spacing. They created a groove that brings in a sweet break, all while keeping that Derezzed sound moving forward. It was awesome to see how everyone was moving after the first breakdown, and to actually witness the whole crowds energy begin to rise with the final escalation. To feel this song, in this capacity, gives us an even better understanding of the “force” and it’s overwhelming presence.

“Breath – Prodigy (The Glitch Mob Remix)” Breath is exactly what we all needed to do after this one! By this time in the show our purpose and reason had been well established! We had formed bonds and we were no longer strangers. We had made circles to dance in, and we bounced arm in arm. We have been raging and dancing to a seamless flow of synthesized melodies! Then there was this, The Glitch Mob’s remix to “Breath”, and you may ask what would be the only thing remaining that we have not done? That’s right we started a mosh pit! IT WAS EPIC FUN!!! I was a little bummed out because both my legs cramped up! I think I turned to someone and said “I started it and now I can’t finish it”. If you haven’t heard #We_Go_Hard!

Like many people, I have a deep appreciation for “Fortune Days”. It was the first song that I heard from The Glitch Mob, and it has a powerful impact on my life! It is one of those songs that just screams “get up and go” ” you can do this” and “nothing can stand in your way”. As soon as they started playing this song everyone just looked at each other and said “Fortune Days” The one thing that stands about “Fortune Days” is the mid song drop out..It creates the effect that the song is about to end and after it comes back in, there is a short minimal drum sequence makes you wanna pop lock your way to the next part. After "Fortune days' I looked at my my friend Krohy and he nodded to me and said “Yeah Buddy”. This was his first big electronic show that I have ever taken him to, so it was awesome to see him having as much fun as everyone else.

After coming back for their Encore Ooah got over the mic to show Philly some serious love.  He thanked everyone for coming then they took a picture with everyone in the crowd! It was very obvious that they had achieved exactly what they were aiming for, if not more.

The first of the 2 encore songs was a nice change to a fun mash-up Called “West Coast Rocks – Matty G (The Glitch Mob Remix)". Of course they have to represent the west, their from Los Angeles. It was fun to see everybody in the place kickin it to those classic west coast beats. I think it was a great way to get everyone in a different vibe right before their final song.

Before I take this review out to the ending I will note that every single song, new and old, had and profound affect on the crowd including, “Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)”, and “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (feat. Sister Crayon)”. The one in particular that really hit me hard is called “Between Two Points”. The timing and placement of this song couldn’t have been more perfect. They performed this song at a time when everyone was completely vulnerable. In a good way though, a way that made you realize how human you really are. This just adds to the result of what The Glitch Mob has worked so hard to achieve, and it proves that they have found yet another unique way to get into the hearts and minds of their fans.

They would end the night with “We Can Make The World Stop” This was it folks. We came, we saw and we definitely were going to conquer! We can make the world stop and for just a moment it really felt like that was holding true! In the final moments of the show the energy was so intense that we ended up creating a big rage pit! One thing I will never forget is what happened when the music stopped. Everyone gave each other hugs as a form of respect! It was so cool to see and feel what happens when a “force” is present.

So now, to answer the question, how was a “force” present at the Electric Factory during The Glitch Mob Show? First let’s take a look at the relative definitions of “force”, so that we may find how easy it becomes to compare them with what was happening inside the Electric Factory.

force [fawr, fohrs]

3. strength; energy; power; intensity.

4. power to influence, affect or control; effacious power.

12. w/ Physics. a. an influence on a body or system, producing or tending to produce a change in movement or in shape or other effects. b. the intensity of such and influence

    The Glitch Mob’s music and performance is so strong, that it created a noticeable energy which had the power and intensity to easily influence our bodies to move and our minds to connect. Every personal connection to The Glitch Mob’s music was brought to the surface causing a beautiful display of symbiosis that would be admired by any music lover.

With this knowledge, we now know that The Glitch Mob has achieved one of the most incredible things you can create! I hope that this helps you relive and/or understand what occurred this past Friday night at the Electric Factory. It may not have sunk in yet, but as a whole, this may go down as one of Philly’s most legendary live electronic performances to date.

May the “force” be with you now and forever


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SPECIAL THANKS TO- The staff of the Electric Factory for graciously recovering my notebook!!  It means the world to me!

A Special Quote from my friend Eliana concerning The Glitch Mob show

    “I had some revelations last night, they were mainly about human relationships”