Kut-Up Fitwear: Gear That Will Change The Game

The story, the products, the people behind the brand, and the soon-to-be-growing Kut-Up family is why this is "gear that will change the game."  

I made up my mind that I am going to launch Kut-Up Fitwear in September, and by setting this goal I have really pushed myself to the limits of what is possible for completion within the time frame I have allowed myself.  The truth is, I wouldn't want it any other way.  These last two weeks have been pretty amazing.  I added a new sewing machine to my arsenal and, well, it has really put the icing on the Kut-Up cake.  

My visions and concepts are manifesting right before my eyes.  When this thing drops most of you will not believe that I personally modify all of Kut-Up's products, starting with a blank garment.  Most of you will only be convinced when you see the clips from the many videos I have planned.  

Just like Dance Kandy, I have put everything I have into this brand.  I do everything with a sober, grateful mind.  I fund everything by getting busy in my shop and finishing jobs.  I put on many different "hats" in order to bring in the money.  Yeah, you could say that I tune into that radio station known as W.O.R.K. Often times, I have to give up fun things in order to reach my goals at a faster pace.  Natasha and I also had to put Dance Kandy on temporary hold so we could fulfill our ambitions, which will ultimately bring us back to the really epic re-launch of Dance Kandy.  Kut-Up didn't happen over night.  It has taken well over a year of development to get this far.  If you're wondering how I have brought it this far, you will want to take notes starting now.

R.A.D...Raw Absolute Determination, and constant foresight.  

I start my day at 7 AM and I end it at midnight, and I do this every single day.  I never give up on my vision.  I never compare my concepts to others.  I design everything based off of my knowledge, experience and personal taste.  I try to avoid opinions until I know that I have something presentable.  I keep my visions strong and my ideas flowing from withing my heart and mind.  My intuition told me that what I was doing is going to work...so I got to work.  I believe that intuition is like the catalyst that will ensure our visions will manifest.  The rest is all around us.  The internet and retail markets provide me with an incredible amount of stores in order to buy what I need.  Online stores have created an nice competitive market that is very beneficial to the small business owner.  If I need something, more than likely I will find it online.  Using the resources at my fingertips has been a great way to grow my brand and it's products.  Working, designing, building, conceptualizing, experimenting, and trial-and-error are what makes the development process fun, and having fun has really allowed me to stay passionate every step of the way.

I understand the same thing that will make me, will also break me...It's me!  I wholeheartedly believe in myself, my idea, and my ability to never give up until I have done everything possible to make it work.  If I give up before I fail to succeed then I have failed completely.  If I fail to succeed and never gave up, then I must understand that I have not failed completely.  I will learn from each and every attempt, and if necessary I will change, shift, re-evaluate and keep my R.A.D at a maximum.  If I do this, eventually I will find a way to succeed.  Right now my R.A.D is at a maximum and success is having the ability to create amazing products for amazing people!  So, as it stands in my eyes,  Kut-Up Fitwear is already a success. 


Grinder Sweats Black/Gold
  • We are putting the finishing touches on all of our opening products.
  • The website development has seen some awesome progress including the addition of some very rad ideas.
  • Videos, photo shoots and new interesting concepts are all in the works.
  • We are building some new Kut-Ups for Ron Dukes and his competition this coming Saturday.
  • We will shadow Ron as he enters yet another competition
  • We have reached the goal of giving our followers limitless possibilities by creating a wide variety of custom options.

We are just days away from launching our brand into the fitness community.  I'm really excited about building a family of followers and loyal fans of Kut-Up and everything we represent.

Closing Thoughts

All of your life you are observing growth and completion. Everything you see had to start from something.  Buildings, animals, clothing, cars, electronics, nature, humans, and food, just to name a few.  What we usually see is the object or entity at some point in its growth and most times we see it in its complete form.  What we don't see, and often overlook, is the process that took place in order for that object or entity to reach the observed point of growth or completion.  When you understand the amount of energy it takes to create something like it did for Kut-Up Fitwear, you then begin to fully appreciate what it is that you are looking at.

 Kut-Up Fitwear is a constantly growing brand with many products that will reach a complete form.  I invite everyone to become part of the process!