Life: Use the Grease Gun

Have you ever used a grease gun?  If you haven't, I'm sure you still understand the importance of this tool.  The grease gun is the tool that allows for us to lubricate points of friction where we are not able to access with our bare hands.  It's a basic process, but it is very important for maintaining quality function of the mechanical areas that need grease to operate smoothly.

I used this tool today, and while I had it in my hand a thought came to me.  The thought was about the importance of a grease gun and how hard machines would have to work without one being handy.  Immediately the thought began to crossover into an association with life.  

This is what came to mind:

We are a very intelligent,  high functioning form of life that produces an extreme amount of energy from within.  Some, including myself, consider this profound energy to be guided by the human spirit.  And if we accept our spirit as the driving force behind this energy, we may also agree that this driving force can also encounter "friction." 

Like I mentioned before, when a machine has an area of friction from within, we literally tap right into it, and inject a healthy dose of grease via "the grease gun." 

If that machine is running day in and day out we don't just do it once and walk away.  We do it often and sometimes daily, to assure that the machine is going to function smoothly. 

My belief is that our mind, our perceptions, our thoughts, actions and expectations are a few things that can create points of friction from within ourselves. 

Sometimes these point of friction can bring us to a screeching halt in a place where we have very little, if any idea for how to get things running smoothly again.  

Drugs, alcohol, food and other forms of instant gratification only serve as a temporary fix and will eventually have a devastating affect on the "machine" (our body)

So you may ask.."how do I keep myself running smoothly?"

My answer to you is this simple:

By expanding on the loving characteristic of GRATITUDE in a honest and positive way!

To better understand this thought, I came up with this simple metaphor.

Your POSITIVE INTENTIONS act as the grease gun, and GRATITUDE is the grease inside the gun. When we apply the grease on a daily basis, it will reduce the friction that is created between us and our spiritual connection to the universe.

This spiritual connection will bring an incredible amount of awareness and enlightenment into your being.  And from this awareness and enlightenment you will find there is much more to life than what meets the eye.