Preface to the FEATHERHAWK

I’m Travis “Featherhawk” Snyder, and I’m a humble, grateful and thankful recovering addict.  By the grace of the God of my understanding, I am able to share with you my story of courage, strength, and hope.  I have survived the deadly disease of addiction.  I am currently 2 years and 7 months clean, sober and healthy from what was a 15 year active addiction to drugs but specifically heroin and opiates.  The last 7 of those years were spent at the mercy of a syringe.  On December 22nd, 2011 I was at the end of a two month long, hopeless drug binge.  On this day I was arrested by two police officers who I now call my “Angels in Blue.”  I was arrested for multiple drug charges and was immediately locked up in the Schuylkill County Prison.  In jail I suffered from intense opiate withdrawal.  It was during this time that I surrendered myself to the will of my God.  I let go of everything I thought I knew about life, and asked for his help.  After suffering for 13 days, I had a profound spiritual awakening.  I knew in that moment that I wanted to live a better life.  What I did not realize was how much purpose my new life would eventually have.  According to the statistics I should not be able to address you in this capacity.  Knowing this has allowed me to appreciate life on a level that I never thought was possible.  I understand that my sobriety is a gift, and so I will use this gift to the best of my ability.  My goal is simple: I will inspire people so that they may also do great things as a result of  making positive changes.  I will do this by sharing my thoughts on recovery, health, fitness, life, and pretty much every thing I believe is worth sharing with the world.  Through my blog posts you will learn a great deal about me, my story, my brands, my goals, my dreams, my selfless acts and my ongoing quest to be the most positive and passionate role model that I can possibly be.