VIDEO: the Featherhawk - The Change

Published March 9, 2013: The Change is a short documentary about a recovering drug addict named Travis Snyder a.k.a. the Featherhawk. In this documentary the Featherhawk gives a brief introduction to his story and the end result that would lead up to his decision to change. In this video he shares some inspirational words for any one struggling with drugs or alcohol and talks about how health,fitness and a bodybuilding competition that has played a huge role in the daily success of his recovery from addiction.  

I have so much content to post on the  At the top is this video, which is an important part of my story.  With the help of my friend Thomas Sage, I put this video together so people could hear right from me, my views on recovery, life, health & fitness and also how a bodybuilding competition became a huge part of my recovery process.  

I will be doing a follow up to this video in the near future.  Enjoy, and have a positive, productive day my friends!