Hidden Within .1%

Something that is positively powerful to know is that most of us, including myself, are only using 1/3 of our human potential.  What's even better, is knowing that many of us are finding ways to unlock the other 2/3's.  Recently. I had a noticeable awakening of the mind, which has brought me visions and vibrations from future possibilities.  I take comfort in knowing that all signs and feelings point me in the direction that is my new life's purpose.  It has helped me understand my purpose by looking no further than my every waking desire to do good in the world and to remind others through my actions that they too are very capable of waking up and becoming very connected with the universe. 

I have yet to focus my energy on reading the pages of books, so lately my knowledge has been gained as the result of life experiences.  I do not have all the answers to life, but I am very aware of the answers that life has given me .  From this there is one of many things that I do believe- it's that I am 99.9%  JUST...LIKE...YOU.  Does that seem strange?  

You may be thinking 'how is that possible?  I am so much different, I don't look like you, I don't talk like you, I don't think like you, I don't act like you....I don't....'  Then you start to realize, wait a minute, the only thing that is noticeably different about us - is our appearance, possibly our culture, possibly our language and ultimately how we have come to think.

Just for a moment let's stop and think about this, and if there are people near you, take a look at them.  If there is no one around you, try to envision your closest friends.  Remind yourself that these are people, and the only thing that is noticeably different about them are these 3 things.  Their appearance, possibly their culture, possibly their language and ultimately how they have come to think. 

Let it sink in.

Does this ever so slightly change your thinking?  It may, and if so, it's becasue I simply introduced a few words that facilitated that biggest thing that ultimately-and-seemingly makes us SO different...HOW-WE-THINK.

 Do you realize that every thought produces some form of energy?  I have come to truly believe this, but to tell you the truth I have yet to fully understand it.  I tell you this because I don't want you to feel alone. I do however, want you to open up your mind and let my energy in.  Even as you read this, you are interpreting these words into visuals, those visuals are energy.You are allowed to accept this, because by accepting this, you are already making a decision to begin on a path of renewed enlightenment.

I'm glad you're still here, and that you have continued to read my words.  Now that you have accepted your thoughts as energy, I'm going to talk about the energy that our thoughts are producing.  

This will be the most basic, but important thing you should know.  Positive, optimistic thoughts will produce a positive energy, and negative, pessimistic thoughts will produce negative energy.  

This is no secret, and I'm sure it has been written thousands and thousand of times.  That being said, when you do accept this reality, one of the first things you think is, "why are there so many people that don't understand this?"  I could really go on, and on about why, but I will keep it simple: most people don't "think outside the box," because they have become comfortable inside the box, where there are more people.  To clear this up even more; most people have a tendency to think and do what the majority of our society considers normal to think and do.  

What's important to understand is that what our society considers normal is not always positive.  Don't get me wrong, there are many obvious great things about our society, it's just that most of us don't realize what they are and how important they are for the continuation of our loving existence.

With your most basic understanding of how you perceive the world to work, which energy do you believe is most important to creating a better life for yourself and others?

 I'm very happy that you answered with positive energy.  Even in this moment I have realized that humans are the largest and most overlooked source of what could be untold amounts of positive energy.  That being said we must remember that in turn we also have have the ability to produce untold amounts of negative energy. 

When you look at the world around you, are you starting to see why creating positive energy with positive thoughts has become so important now more than ever?  I believe we are the largest known source of positive energy, and positive energy is very important because it is the most instrumental element for doing good.  I perceive doing good as doing the next right thing that will uphold and maintain the existence of life that is filled with love, compassion and forgiveness.

 As long as there is life that is containing and releasing positive energy then there will always be a connection or bridge to the spiritual world.  Without going any further with my understanding and thoughts about spirituality, just know this.  You don't need to look much further than the life around you in order to understand the life within you.

Awesome! you made it to the end, and your still reading!  That's great and I'm hoping that a little something inside you feels right.  From what I have been recently taught, I understand that most of you have been drawn to me by my positive energy, and there is a reason you are still here.  

Remember I am 99.9% just like you, you should have no fear in deciding to take a more positive direction with your precious life.