Kut-Up Fitwear: A Snapshot is Just a Portion of a Second

A snapshot is just a portion of a second and light captured in a frame.  In this moment you see less than a second of the countless hours I spend behind these machines.  Kut-up Fitwear is just a few weeks away from becoming a manifestation of over a years worth of visions.  Everything you see here was earned, bought, or built with my bare hands and done in combination with my sober, grateful and thankful brain.  If you are wondering how it's all done?? Well you just have to believe, then you have to achieve.  You do this by completing small tasks over and over.  As you make these small achievements you will find that it acts like the spark for the fuel which powers you ambition.  It is very important that you express a great amount of gratitude after and during each task you are performing.  Today I am grateful for the ability to create and focus with good intentions.  I am also grateful for having the ability to complete every achievement, because it will bring me one step closer to helping me to spread my message of love, hope and finding the true meaning of life within ourselves.  We are one step closer to doing this on a grand scale.


-Thank you to everyone and anyone who has or will become a part of this mission.

                                                                                                                  -the FEATHERHAWK