Throwback Video: It's Time For Change (Post EZoo 2013 Expression)

I wanted to post this yesterday for a meaningful throwback.  I made this a year ago and it is a result of me expressing my feelings after 2 tragic deaths at EZoo weekend in 2013.  I made this because everything inside me was telling me to do so. The video is something I wish that every single person inside of the Electronic Dance Music community could see just once, especially those attending the Electric Zoo Festival this weekend.  I didn't blame anyone or anything for the tragedies, I am simply asking questions and proposing a basic solution for something we can all change.  

Since this time in 2013,  I feel like the EDM community has made a huge change toward bringing awareness to the dangers of drugs and alcohol, as well as trying to eliminate the "molly craze".  I'm very grateful and thankful to see us moving in a more positive direction.