Music: Kaskade Atmosphere Live at The Shrine

Good Sunday morning my friends!  I have a very special performance to share with you today!  This Kaskade live performance is from the Shrine in Los Angeles in late 2013, and proves that he stands out as an artist who has the ability to take you on a journey through life in just one set!

Kaskade, who is one of my favorite producers!  It's not just his individual tracks that stand out, it's his ability to mix them together and tell a story filled with emotion.   This has been my go to mix for bringing out the feel good positive emotions!  

Nothing like having this as a secret weapon that's not so secret, and I'm sure the almost 20,000 people who liked it can also agree.  You will learn when to bring this one out and let it fill your ears, and I promise you won't be disappointed.  Enjoy my friends!