Kut-Up Fitwear: To Be Kut-Up Is...

I'm putting the fierceness into the Kut-Up's opening line of Products.  I really wish I could offer the whole sha-bang, but I'm not monetarily capable at this time.  Kut-Up Fitwear has been one hell of a grind, and I enjoy every last bit of it!  I can't wait to drop this and show people how very unique we actually are.  What makes us unique will also make us stand out amongst the overwhelming amount of fitness apparel pop-ups in today's market.  We're not trying to attract consumers, we are trying to attract dedicated followers who will buy our products not only because they are unique, but because Kut-Up Fitwear and the people behind it have a truly inspiring story.  

Like I mentioned in a previous post... "NONE" of these garments will be pre-made and stocked on a shelf. Everything will be hand modified upon order or upon receipt of ordered blank garment.  That is unless we are planning a special sale or vending at an upcoming event.  The only thing that will ever be kept in stock will be our hats, wristbands, and many  other accessories once we are able to offer them.  


-We are planning a special photo shoot with the "Bond" twins as our models, you don't know them yet, but you will!  

-The website is underway and we will be making big moves toward completing it within the next two weeks.

-We are continuously progressing and radically modifying our soon to be opening line of products.    

-We are working on a huge feature for our "main man" Ron Dukes, followed by his own website and documentary.    


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We will be starting electronic delivery in just a few days!