Kut-Up Fitwear: It's That Good



Nothing in the world compares to that feeling you get when you create something really awesome, and you do so with nothing but good intentions.

Kut-Up Fitwear represents many different things.  It represents more than just custom, hand-modified apparel for the fitness lifestyle.  It represents the capabilities inside of each and every one of us.  It represents the ability to overcome on a daily basis.  It represents the importance of finding what is unique about ourselves and then using that uniqueness in a positive way.  It represents all that is good when we build things that can allow us to connect and share.

To be “Kut-Up” is to maintain a positive mentality that transcends living a healthy and fit lifestyle

Each and every Kut-Up top starts off as a high-quality blank shirt from either American Apparel or Tultex.  If it is a stitched garment, it is brought to my Gram's sewing room, where I thread the appropriate color thread into the machine that makes everything possible.  The Kut-Up begins as soon as I press the foot pedal.  This part of the creation is what makes part of Kut-Up Fitwear so very unique.  

The stitching is only the beginning of what makes the actual garments unique.  I also use a very simple screen printing process.  So simple that I actually bought everything at a craft store.  I'm just the master of modification, so I took the store bought items and figured out a way to make them work for my application.  Little did I know that the pigments and style of the printing process would actually work perfectly for what I wanted to accomplish.  It has also allowed me to offer a wide variety of custom options for when people are choosing their Kut-Up Fitwear items. 

Tops are only the beginning, though!  Wait until you see our sweats, shorts, hats, leggings and accessories.  It's going to be pretty RAD stuff. 

Patience will be the most important thing that I ask of our following.  Everything is "Made-to-Order" and we will offer a huge selection of colors.  In the beginning of operations we will not be able to hold a large stock of blank items, which means many orders will take up to 10 days until they show up at your door.  The company that I buy my blanks from is very good with their logistics, so I am confident that we are able to keep things running smoothly.  You must also understand that each garment is meticulously hand modified per your specifications.  At no time will these garments be made and then placed in stock.  


I am going to create a simple order process tracking system.  I will make sure that you are up to date on the progress of your order by sending you email notifications in certain increments. Within 1 day you will know approximately how long it will take until you receive your unique hand modified Kut-Up.  

LOOK, just like a solid mind and body takes time to build, so does a solid Kut-Up Fitwear product.  Also I promise that every single Kut-Up Fitwear garment comes infused with positive energy from yours truly.


I didn’t create Kut-Up Fitwear to become rich. I created Kut-Up Fitwear as a means to facilitate my ongoing and current purpose which is to tell my story and spread a positive message filled with love, hope and finding the true meaning of life.


 Rockin that fresh Michigan State Waterski shirt that we designed.

Rockin that fresh Michigan State Waterski shirt that we designed.

I want to give the biggest thank you to my friend, Gigi Schade.  THANK YOU SO SO MUCH GIGI, you have been a godsend for me.  It's really hard to believe that you were able to put up with my crazy obsessive behaviors.  Thank you for recognizing the beauty in all of my good hearted madness.  I am so grateful for all of the fun, interesting and personal moments that we shared in the last few months. It has been a summer of firsts for both of us. Your first time as a fitness model, driving a four-wheeler, using a jig-saw, and the list goes on!  I may have taught you a lot and just so you know, you have taught me more than how to wakeboard, Gigi.  You have taught me to embrace every moment that we share with people and that unconditional support can be as simple as being there to lend a hand, like cutting my peaches for my oatmeal, ha ha!  I hope that you will take all that you have learned from me and continue to grow.  You have a bright future.  Your commitment to the Army ROTC program is one of many things that makes you so admirable.  You are so driven and passionate about being an Optometrist, and you have already proved that a bright future is waiting for you after this, your last year at Michigan State.  I wish you the very best at MSU and with all your upcoming waterski competitions.  You have worked really hard this off season, and it will shine when you hit the lakes!  Also good luck at your interview with the Optometrist school in Philly this September, I'm 100% sure you will reach the enrollment list.   Love ya Gigi, Thanks again and we will talk soon, yeah?