Neon Sport: 200,000 Likes Milestone Park Workout

If you're just getting up to speed on then you will need to know about my relationship with NEON SPORT.

After Facebook messaging part of my story, why I wanted to be a part of their team, and why I was attracted to Neon Sport,  they asked me to stop by the Neon Sport booth at this years Arnold Classic Sports Festival.  When I showed up to their booth they gave me such an amazingly warm welcome!  We took photos, and I gave them some Neon Sport Dance Kandy Necklaces.  In return they gave me a huge bag full a stuff and some real good positive vibes!  I have been in contact with them ever since.

I love their products, I love their people and I love that they consider me apart of their team.  Just knowing that has intensified my positive thinking in untold amounts!  I model my brands interactions in the same way they do!  Feeling first hand the affect of genuine integrity has taught me some really good things about interacting with my fans.

I'm still getting to know the whole crew little by little, and that is part of the process of connecting with people.  You find ways to keep each other excited, and by using this excitement to generate positive energy, good things happen!  

Congratulations on the 200,000 and growing Facebook likes guys!    I hope you enjoy the video I made in honor of this milestone!  

I also want to say congrats to Neon Sport's very own Beautiful Diva, 'Miss Ashley Hoffman,' for her incredible journey up to and at the WBFF Worlds this past weekend in Vegas!