Kut-Up Fitwear: Ron Dukes Photo Shoot

— Ron Dukes Jr.

Ron's bracelet in the hero shot above says it all!  I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "where do I even start?"  For real though, I have so much to say about this man, named "Ron Dukes," and I will guarantee that you will hear every single bit in the very near future.  It is taking me all I have to not go off on a writing spree about how incredibly inspiring and humble he really is.  So, for this post I will focus on how I met Ron and what led to him being the feature sponsored athlete for my new fitness apparel brand called Kut-Up Fitwear.

Saturday, May 4th, 2013 is the exact day that I met Ron.  I was competing in a body building competition called "Natural Philly."  For this show, which is at the Plymouth White-Marsh High School, I was competing in the men's physique class.  This was only my second contest ever, so I was still very new to the whole environment.  The hallway outside the auditorium is what they make into a pump up area.  Instead of cramming in the hallway, I found a nice area near one of the exits.  It was there that I set up a little body weight exercise circuit.  I will never forget seeing Ron for the first time, with his big smile he approached me and dropped some real camaraderie saying " Very nice, I see you over here doing your thing, good luck today."

 Immediately I noticed 2 things; 1. He had in incredible physique, he was just shredded, and 2. He gave off a ton of positive energy.  He was so intense yet his presence made me feel calm.  Little did I know that his first impression would only be the tip of the iceberg known as "Ron Dukes."  That day I made it a point to show him my very new, one month old brand "Kut-Up Fitness."  I actually had a display set up in the lobby of the auditorium, from which I was promoting Dance Kandy and Kut-Up Fitwear, which at the time was Kut-Up Fitness.  It's funny because Ron was actually the first person to ever buy a Kut-Up product. Take a wild guess at what color?? HAHA yeah if you know Ron, then you know he loves his red and black!  

When I saw Ron's reaction to finding out he won "best abs," I knew that this guy was as passionate as they come.  All these moments stuck with me ever since that day, and ever since that day I have been a big fan of "Ron Dukes."  We became Facebook friends, and he was one of the people that I would actually follow by dropping in on his page.  Over and over I would see him out there doing great things, and the whole time he remained very humble and focused.  I started to see many more sides to Ron as well, but Facebook was not good enough and it will never be good enough to truly get to know Ron.  That is why I kept letting him know over and over that when I launch Kut-Up that he was going to be my guy, and that the rest of the fitness world including myself, are going to learn so much about and from  "Ron Dukes."   

The gallery below is the manifestation of my visions combined with Ron's willingness to represent Kut-Up Fitwear to the fullest!  There is no contract, no requirements or mandatory elements to this relationship.  It is simply 2 positive optimistic people who were brought together to create something very special to share with the world.  

Currently, we are building Ron his own website which will be www.rondukesfit.com , and we are also building a huge feature and documentary that will be present on Kut-Up's website once we launch it.  Ron is continuing with his handful of fitness ventures which you will learn more about in the near future, and he is also training for a hopeful trip to the NGA AMERICAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Miami, Florida on Saturday, November 15, 2014.  This is one of those journeys that you will not want to miss. 

and this is just the beginning my Kut-up friends