PHSH Tank Block Party - Photos & Story

If you haven't noticed, I finally got myself a decent camera.  I always had a knack for taking great pictures, now it's just a matter of honing in on my skills!  It's a work in progress, but isn't everything?  

These photos are from the PHSH Tank Block Party in Philadelphia.  It is held outside of the Kung FU Necktie 1250 N. Front Street.  There is a funny, but not surprising story how I would end up at this truly awesome event!

Ron Dukes and I wrapped up the Kut-Up Fitwear photo shoot day with a great conversation about being positive and doing all the right things, in order to do great things.  I'm not gonna lie, spending the day with Ron had me riding high, and I wasn't ready to call it quits.  In comes Ted "Sexy Black Female" Savaki, the guy I always call when I'm, in the city.  Thankfully he was just chillin in his apartment, killing time before going to his job.  

I went to his place, but not before getting an amazing sandwich called a "Diavlo" at Paeson's Philly Style Deli.   I'm glad that Ted mentioned the sandwich shop across the street from his apartment, because this place is a "Gem."  This is what I love about Philly.  It's places like this, and the people/history that make up these small places!  I will never forget how amazing that sandwich tasted, and I'm sure to return.

Let's back track a little.  On my way to Ted's, I accidentally drove by the PSHS Tank Block Party.  I heard music and saw people, and folks, sometimes that's all it takes to reel me in!  

FYI: Ted is a part time, home based artist and producer of "zee beats," hence the artist name "Sexy Black Female."  It was awesome to catch up with him and listen to his works in progress.  I'm really impressed with how much he has improved.  He has a great positive attitude, and just keeps pressing on!  Great job Ted, never stop following your dreams my friend!

Around 6:45, Ted had to go to work, so we said peace to each other!  I got into my car and started to contemplate what I was going to do next.  I already had such an amazing day, and part of me was like, "go home and start working on Ron's photos,' it will be exciting to see the day's work.  Then there was my intuition, which told me to go to the block party!  Of course I followed my intuition, It has a tendency to lead me in the right direction.  

This time it would prove to be more than the right direction. It would prove to be an awesome display of the "Law of Attraction."  The PHSH (fish) Tank Block party was filled with all kinds of people, from all walks of life and of all ages and races.  It was also a gathering of vendors, artists, DJs and musicians.  It was such a beautiful mix of people!  The good vibes were flowing. It was a scene that was so full of life. There was great food, people dancing, artists painting, bands jamming and DJ's spinning, what more could you ask for on a late summer weekend in Philly?  

I met so many great people, who shared with me their stories.  We spoke about life, love and how the world is changing around us!  We spoke about hope and unity.  We danced, laughed and took photos of each other.  Every single moment was an experience which added fuel to the furnace of my inner being.  Thank you PHSH Tank for a beautiful evening!

So you know,I had a smile from ear to ear for the whole 2 hour drive home!