Expressing Gratitude Gives You Longitude and Latitude

What are you grateful for today?  See if you can name 10 things that you are grateful for.  When you do this, try to avoid expressing gratitude for your possessions.  Instead try to focus on the good things inside and outside of you which bring you happiness.  An easy way to get started with this exercise is to first look toward your abilities.  It can be as simple as having the ability to wake up and crawl out of bed under your own power.  It can even be as simple as having the ability to breath at a time.  You would be surprised at how many simple things you will find that you can be grateful for.  Take it a step further and make a physical list.  Then if you really want to amplify the affects of gratitude, take a picture of your list and post it to your social media sites.  

You may be asking, "why should I do this, Featherhawk?"  I have one simple answer: when you express gratitude, the Universe turns it's ear to you and listens, and in reply it nods it's head and opens the pathway for your intentions.  Furthermore, by posting the list to your social media, people will assist in this process by radiating your positive energy through their own observation of your gratefulness, and more than likely this will also change their thoughts to a more positive direction.  

Give and take will make the world great.

Can you start to see how expressing gratitude gives you latitude and longitude?  Not only will this exercise point you in a more positive direction, it will also play a key role in the placement the many things that are needed for fulfilling your intentions. 


10 Things I am Grateful For Today:

1.  The ability to recognize my purpose

2.  Having the ability to freely express my gratitude

3.  Love and support from friends and family

4.  Having clear and focused intentions

5.  My Grandparents

6.  The ability to create

7.  Knowing that dreaming is believing 

8.  Having the ability to inspire others

9.  Standing on my own two feet

10. Sobriety


I just want you to know one more thing, and I feel like it has become very important at this time in our existence.  I encourage all who use this tool to move the focus of your intentions to doing good in the world. If it takes building wealth to achieve this then that's fine, but just remember to stay true to your intentions when good things start to happen.