Kut-Up Fitwear: The Brief History

Kut-Up Fitwear which first started as Kut-Up Fitness, is another one of my brands, and the funny part is that it was conceived after I asked my Gram to cut and slim one of my shirts to make it go from an XL to a medium. 

 Yep, that's the one.  HAHAHA, This was the night Natasha and I went to see Kill The Noise at the TLA in Philly. 

This was right in the beginning of my "Fitness Rebirth",  and I was just learning how much more I liked to wear a form fitting shirt.  Granted the shirt in the picture above wasn't fixed to be real tight, but you should know, it was still taken from my pile of "homeboy" clothing that I had amassed throughout my years of clouded judgement.  

Throughout my life I would periodically watch my Gram fix and sew things in her quaint little sewing room downstairs.  It never really caught my interest until I saw how easily she made my shirt go from an XL T-Shirt to a custom sleeveless/tank hybrid as you see above.  It was the "AH HaH" moment, and just like every new concept that comes to my head, I fell into the same obsessive brainstorming mode that usually occurs in a situation like this.  This happened early in 2013, so you can see how long I have been grinding on this idea.  

It wasn't until my friend Sean and I split the cost of a craft store screen print machine, that everything started to turn into a reality.  It was a reality short lived though, but the seed had been planted.  My other brand Dance Kandy was more important, and I was sure that my Dance Kandy partner Natasha would be a little upset if I started focusing more on Kut-Up, instead of Dance Kandy.  

That being said, and with all that was happening in my life, Sean and I still managed to put some time into the product.  I made a run of men's Kut-Ups in many colors and I also made a few womens for testing.

Thankfully, my friend Megan and my cousin Kami helped me work out some of the kinks for the womens Kut-Up's.  All things would remain a work in progress, and I was always thinking of ways to improve the product.  One of the things my cousin had mentioned was the name.  It seemed people thought Kut-Up Fitness was a gym, and my cousin would always have to tell people it wasn't.  She suggested that I change it, so I went from Kut-Up Fitness to Kut-Up Fitwear.   The scissors and the arrow pointing up were something that I came up with from the very beginning. It only made sense to use symbols to express the nature of our products.  

I am currently in the process of making this brand available to the public. I have so many incredible things planned, not just great products, but also great people to represent these products.  We will have a variety of people that will be modeling for our initial run of products.

Everything will be hand made and sewn by yours truly.  Stay tuned to the Kut-Up Blog for the next move.