Dance Kandy: Open For Business (Re-Post)

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Wow, how exciting is this?   If you ask Natasha and I, we will tell you "very exciting", and a "relief" .  The excitement comes from the wonderful and amazing things we are ready to share, and the relief is mainly because we are finally, after almost 2 years of work, ready to be "open for business". 

Imagine, one day you make a few necklaces to take with you to a music festival, then almost 2 years later you and and your friend, who you met at this same music festival, are opening a charitable business that specializes in designing, hand making, and the sale of these very same bead necklaces.  It doesn't seem like too much to imagine, until you understand what a long road it’s been to create Dance Kandy.  

If you read the about us section of our website, it will give you a very brief introduction to how Dance Kandy was started, and don't worry, at a later date we will be posting a more detailed version of our story 


Using our products to facilitate the act of "giving back" has been a desired purpose for Dance Kandy from the very beginning.  It didn't take more than a day's worth of contemplation to realize that this is a brand and a product that had the ability to truly make a difference.  I presented this idea to Natasha in a text where I said, "I really want to use Dance Kandy to give bacon".  Yes, my auto-correct put "bacon" instead of "back".  Funny, but true.  Two things happened from this text.  The first was that this was the moment that attracted Natasha in as my partner.  The second,was the mistake was very funny, but very sincere.  You see, even before this text I was already making plans to take some Dance Kandy to South Street in Philadelphia.  I had already made my mind, that all the donations from necklace sales were going to The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger for their food banks.  We don't know if the donation actually helped give real bacon, but we do know it helped in some way to feed people, and we do know that this was the moment when we began our journey of "giving back".


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The more we dreamed about the possibilities of  Dance Kandy, the more we realized how special this was going to be.  We also knew that we had a lot of hard work ahead of us.  We spent  a great deal of our own time and money to develop not only our product and website, but also, to develop our vision for the company.  Dance Kandy was built from the ground up.  We have two hand crafted work shops, the first is in a spare bedroom and the other is in a garage.  The Do It Yourself mentality has been nothing short of an understatement. We’ve done it all ourselves. 

Finally, dear friends, we are ready. The night before our website launch.  I can't help but take a moment to reflect on all that has happened to reach this point.  To consider all of the past events in our lives that have led us to this point in time.  Can you fathom all the big and small decisions that were made in order for this moment to occur? My own personal story contains one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my life, and I will share this story with everyone very soon. This same story has lead to these thousands of moments and decisions: from choosing what Festival to attend,  how and what kind of necklaces I would make, to what train station I would journey from, to what artists and DJ's that I would see, until the moment that I met Natasha and eventually made her my partner.  The list goes on and on, and now it will continue.  So come along with us and share these moments as we move forward with our positive reasons.

We really want to thank each and every person that has ever been, and who is going to be a part of this continuing journey. From family to friends to anyone that has ever bought a Dance Kandy necklace and beyond.  Every single person has given us the best support imaginable.  We really believe in what we are doing, and all your love and support has made our belief even stronger.  Thank You.

by Travis "Featherhawk" Snyder

President and Creator of Dance Kandy