Kut-Up Fitwear: The Bond Twins Mini Photo Session

This is a quick post about a Kut-Up Fitwear photo/video shoot I did with my friends Corey and Casey Bond.  It didn't take long from the time I met them until we became friends and now they are members of the Kut-Up Fitwear Team.  We don't really know each other that well outside of our conversations in the gym, but we do share a common bond because of our views on life.  Like me, Casey and Corey come from a tight knit family, and I can see how tight that knit really is every time I see these 2 and often their brother John in the gym.  Both of them are 24 yrs. old, over 6' 7" tall, nicely built and very dedicated to the weights, and when they aren't working hard in the gym they are working hard at their day jobs.  

Over the last few years I have been constantly telling them that I'm gong to turn them into WWE super stars, and I still plan to follow through with that vision.  That whole subject is always something that we talk about.  As I started to put my energy back in to Kut-Up Fitwear it immediately dawned on me to bring them in on what I was doing.  It wasn't a hard decision because after getting to know them I found out that they both have a positive outlook on life and they understand  the basic principles of how to live a life filled with good intentions.  

As usual we met up at our really awesome Gym ( Pap's Gym) and for their very first photo/video Shoot I made them both a pair of Kut-Up  "Shown Up" shorts and a matching "Operative" Sleeveless" Kut-Up shirt as well as some matching Kut-Up Dance Kandy bracelets.  I brought my Go Pro to film some action for a big video I'm producing, and I brought my T5i for the photographs.  Lighting is a little dim in our gym... we like it that way and .I knew this so I made sure to bring my flash as well.  I asked them to just go about their workout and pretend I wasn't there, and after finally getting my flash and camera dialed in I managed to capture about 15 good shots.  During this time I was also placing the Go Pro in some really cool spots including attaching it to the bars and equipment that they were using.  We finished up inside and went out back to the obstacle course where I had a white sheet hanging up. The idea was to shoot some good portraits for the website banners... unfortunately every photo is slightly out of focus, so we are already planning a re-do for that portion.

It was a really fun day and a very successful shoot.  We have some really epic videos and some great weight room shots.  More than likely we will get the portraits wrapped up this week as well.  I always give my teammates the Kut-Up's that I make for them, so Both Corey and Casey now have some fresh new Kut-Up Fitwear to share.   

Thank you Corey and Casey for being some real awesome people and for going out of your way to become part of this family.  I appreciate the commitment and  I 'm really glad to add you to our team.  We look forward to having you guys work with us and you should expect to have some serious fun in the near future.  Stay positive, stay grateful and remain excited, because the best is yet to come!