The Perfect Cry

Have you ever experienced a truly grateful cry?

Yesterday morning, after releasing Katie Keister's story and everything attached to it, I jumped in my car and drove toward the gym. During that trip I had one of the above said "grateful cries." I haven't had one of these lately. I realize this is most likely due to most of my time being spent in creator mode.  Constantly building, forging, designing and navigating within the constructs of this heightened understanding of reality. Creating things that serve a loving purpose...things that awaken spirits by inspiring them out of the confines of there present circumstance.  

The "grateful cry" is now what I will also consider the "perfect cry."  I must digress. 

Legacy of the Heart, like many of the things I'm consciously creating, was a thought-turned-idea, turned evolving vision, turned reality.  This process has been something I've experienced hundred of times since my spiritual awakening back in the winter of 2012.  Yes, I have experienced many things happen in my life, but it wasn't until after I became aware that I was able to fully experience life and allow myself to fully embrace each experience.

In comes the alchemy.  

In a recent conversation with a natural bodybuilder/massage therapist/wellness guru named Curt Green, who celebrated 10 years of sobriety on September 24th - I learned that Alchemy can be a process where one takes information, ideas, experiences, and newly learned knowledge and "distills it." This process is done when we create a space in our mind by first meditating to bring stillness.  Once we are in a higher level of consciousness, we then introduce thoughts and reflections allowing the spirit to process the universal meaning trapped within the information.  With "meaning" comes emotions, direction, and realizations that bring awareness for what we do next.  

My alchemy often happens without meditation.  As a matter of fact it usually happens in my car, while driving, with the right song, shortly after completing a set of works which greatest purpose is to inspire others and bring good, fruitful energy into the world.

The realization of what these works do, in combination with gratitude for the sum total of all my past experiences and all energies contained within, both good and bad, lead up to a pinnacle moment where it all makes sense and brings a full feeling of purpose.

It is a perfect storm of emotions and loving energy that lasts as long I am able to be present in that perfect love.  The film reel of images plays through the mind.  This last cry was full of images from my past struggles, my present gifts, images of people being inspired, people smiling and coming into realizations as a result of reading and watching Katie's Legacy of the Heart Story.  In these moments I cry from a heart full of gratitude.  

A perfect cry is as simple as being extremely present in a loving stream of thoughts.

At one point in my life I thought crying was some sort of weakness.  I now realize this past thought was just part of my conditioned, enslaved and fearful mind.  

Today, I am aware of fear.  It comes from many things and can be suppressed with a "Bigger Picture" understanding of life.  No matter who we are, there is something I'm pretty certain about.  It's that we are all great parts of something much greater. 

Your "Perfect Cry" will come.  

Be kind to yourself and others. Love more and fear less.  And don't be afraid...when you love what you never knew you could.  


Life: Arrived 12/22/11

Today I share with you from a humble and extremely grateful heart. In less than a month I will be 4 years clean, serene and free from the control of all mind altering substances. December 22nd, 2011….is the day I surrendered, and not to long after that I awakened and arrived.

Arrived means “to reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.”

The more humble I became, the more my ego would fade out. And no I didn’t completely let go of my ego, and I still haven’t, but I do let go enough to observe life in a way that keeps me closer to my spiritual essence. Awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, accountability and love are all words that became important in my life. The value came not from the literal words themselves, but the from the actual action and energy these words produced at every moment that I was aware and allowing them to work. So needless to say, awareness became the beginning and the end, hundreds, if not thousands of times a day.

Many people may be a bit closed minded and see the image that I attached to this post as an image that does not display a humble, egoless and grateful man. For those many, they most likely do not know, understand or used time to learn who I really am and how far I have come. Which is absolutely OKAY!!

This is why I am sharing today. Not to draw attention to myself (okay maybe I used the image to attract you in) but to bring attention to something important that I have discovered to have incredible value in today’s struggling society.

Before I get to that, I must mention that the truest part of “me” yearns to live a quiet life, free from technology,free from the blatant colonization of conditioned minds, free from hate, from anger and from the burden that is all that isn’t.

Yet, at the same time, the truest part of me also carries impalpable compassion for the beauty of all life and the limitless potential that is contained in the conscious minds of what really makes this perception a thing we call “Life.”

If I made a post every time someone genuinely said to me “you inspire me,” that is all you would see on my social media. These daily occurrences are constantly presenting themselves as an opportunity for me to work on being humble. I do this by acknowledging either under my breath or in response- that my ability to inspire comes from something greater than “me.” Over the last 3 years and much more just recently, there has been a lot of activity in my life that has resulted in people putting great value on my essence.

Whether it be from my actions, my words, my creations or just simply my presence...people intently watch, listen and get inspired. What’s amazing and humbling to me about this is a few things.

First off, I’m way far away from what most of society looks to for inspiration....I’ have yet to be millionaire, I live at home with my family, I drive a $2500 Subaru that I made look and sound nice and I dress in clothing that I either make or owned for the last 10 years of my life.

And secondly, 4 years ago I was locked in my room injecting heroin, cocaine and crystal meth into my veins.

If people value my essence and who I have become, then by default they are putting value on all the things that I have done or remembered to do in order to live a life of awareness and higher consciousness, including surrounding myself with loving encouraging people and having acknowledgement for a profound incomprehensible energy that many of us call God.

In a very rigid society, we can still make it our responsibility and intention to create from a loving place and display or follow through with these creations for the purpose of creating moments, events and inspiration so that others will have better chance to come to their own spiritually awakening realizations. And when they do...we share all we know!

The most valuable thing we can do for each other and our society is to be a living, breathing, dream manifesting examples of limitlessness from love.

Project: The Skook Recovers

The history of Schuylkill County spans a time period of over 200 years.  More recently and often referred to as "the Skook"," this county is located in the lower half of Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region and it's borders expand to surround some of the most productive farming soils in the state of PA.

Inside of this area residents live in densely populated coal mining towns that were built and remained because of the great demand for hard coal in the mid to late 1800's and on.

Outside of these mountainous mining areas there are sprawling fertile valleys filled with farms and small rural towns, some which still have yet to see a stoplight hanging over there main streets.  

Much like the rest of Pennsylvania, when you actually take some time to SEE IT, this area is filled with beauty, with nature, and with an abundance of basic resources that give us the ability to become prosperous and grow our communities in a very positive way.  


Yet in this county the beauty and chance to embrace opportunity for positive growth is to often and easily dismissed by what seems like a social consciousness to engage in activities, live lifestyles and make choices that not only limit the use of our potential, but also many times have a devastating effect on our residents and their families.  

I know this because I WAS a person who engaged in many of these activities, lived many of these lifestyles and made many bad choices.

Before December 22nd 2011, drug and alcohol use was my favorite activity.  As a result of this activity I lived a very selfish lifestyle.  In this selfish lifestyle I eventually made many bad choices that hurt myself, others and the people who loved me the most.  

Like so many people today,  I also struggled greatly because...

  • I lived with a sense of entitlement.  
  • I was lost in what was good for me, or how does that benefit me?  I didn't really seem to care to much about the rest of the world, accept when I found a reason to blame the rest of the world for all of my problems and shortcomings.
  • I never held myself accountable for my actions.
  • I always thought I was a "victim" of every circumstance.  
  • I couldn't hold a steady job. 
  • Although I learned many things from them, I failed at all my entrepreneurial ventures.  
  • I overlooked all of the qualities that make us human.  
  • I only loved when I needed to be loved.  I only helped when I needed help.
  •  I only gave with the expectation of something in return.  
  • I judged people without even knowing them.  
  • I never encouraged others, shared hope, or gave strength to those in need.  
  • I surrounded myself with negative people who were suffering just as I was.
  • I was suffering from a disease of the mind that is considered to be insanity.
    And the list can go on....

If this list would have kept going,  the last thing that I WOULDN'T have been able to type is...

"I died as a result of MY choices."


"I survived AS A RESULT OF making better CHOICES"

One of the biggest choices I made was to surrender to my addiction.  By surrendering to my addiction and getting around a fellowship of people who understood my disease I was able to rise up and embrace a more spiritual and SELFLESS way of life.  With this spiritual way of life my awareness grew tremendously.  And by expanding on the qualities of love, gratitude and forgiveness I began to find my true self.  

Being self-aware brought an incredible amount of realizations into my life.  The thing I began to realize the most is how important it is that we have a giving aspect to all that we do.  

It's only because I understand my disease that this realization is now becoming amplified because of a specific reason.  It's being amplified because of how society has mishandled the disease that I am now in recovery from.  

I give to you....

The Skook Recovers

As part of "The Featherhawk Project," The Skook Recovers is an inspirational based project specifically created for the people of Schuykill County.

This Facebook page, the website and the overall project is intended specifically for recovering people and those affected by any disease of the mind.  It was created for the purpose of sharing and inspiring with the use of personal testimonies, written words, videos and articles that give knowledge, strength and hope to those in need.

The 3 biggest goals are this:

1. By using "the Skook Recovers" as a platform for recovering people In Schuykill County to openly share their knowledge, strength and hope for everyone to see, read and/or hear, we aim to give hope, to educate, to inspire those who are still struggling and to give new perspective to those who are being affected by diseases of the mind.

2. To educate, provide information and bring into the public the severity of these diseases and to show everyone that we care about those who are suffering,and as importantly, those who are affected by loved ones whom struggle to find a better way of life.

3. To create much needed  social compassion by taking immediate action on how we treat these diseases and the people who are suffering from them. This includes changing the dialect and how we communicate with each other about these diseases.  

4. To keep hope alive...because we all have the ability to overcome these heartbreaking diseases.  

5.  To actively engage in these goals and set an example for the rest of the world

Traditional methods are not failing but they are falling behind. This is a people's project that is becoming one of great importance.  

Why?  You might ask...

It's because we how finally come to the understanding that it is profoundly important for people seeking a better sober way of life, that they have a loving supporting community standing behind, encouraging them during the whole process.


With love, strength and hope for your continued support

-the Featherhawk



Recovery is possible, and it happens inside and outside of meetings, church basements and 12 step programs.

"The Skook Recovers" was created from a spiritual standpoint but we are not affiliated with any 12 step program.

This project and and this page fall under the "room full of light." guidelines created by The Featherhawk which basically means positivity in and negativity out.




Affirmation: I-AM-WHO-I-AM



Yesterday marked 3 years since I re-entered society as a grateful recovering drug addict.  Everyday thereafter including today and everyday that will come and will go- is a day that I am grateful for.  Each of these days I am also grateful for the ability to improve myself and to do so by expanding my awareness and seeking higher consciousness.   I am working hard on always improving myself.  By doing so, I am continuing to show others that by shifting into a giving and positive way of thinking, we can.... over time...find ourselves living with a new and incredible purpose that has the ability to inspire and also has the ability to serve the greater good!  

I am using my god-given abilities to create all things for the purpose of serving the greater good.


By creating events, moments and inspiration we can allow people to come to there own realization why it is important to be giving, loving, compassionate, forgiving and positive people.  When these people come to their own realization...we can then teach them all that we know.  I have learned that the awakened mind is only as useful as the awakened heart.  Inspiring others through an endless cycle of positive energy can happen by simply connecting the short distance between our mind and our heart.

SERVING AND SAVING HUMANITY depends on this cycle.  

  • I am not afraid.
  • I am not afraid of death.  
  • I am not afraid of life.


Loving energy is an energy that will carry on forever and ever. I choose to love...I CHOOSE TO SHARE MY LOVE the best way I know how.  

I AM HUMAN.  I am a work in progress... so I work on myself every single day because I know  I WILL NEVER STOP GROWING. I AM NOT PERFECT... but I am positive. I HAVE FLAWS...but I also have strengths.   I AM a creation from the creator of the things we did not create.  I AM PART OF THE WORLD.  A world with intelligent beings known as humans who are referred to as people.  I wholeheartedly CARE ABOUT ALL PEOPLE.  This is why I am continuing to live out my purpose the best way I know how..and to do it in a way that will inspire as many people as HUMANLY possible!

I am LOVing. I am giving. I am INSPIRing.

I have nothing else to live for...SO I LIVE FOR YOU!


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