The change

On December 22nd 2011, the cell door slammed shut, leaving me with only a shadow of myself.  There I stood in front of that cold faint light in clothing carved from canvas, clutching my head and preparing myself for what would be the hardest, inescapable cage fight of my life.  I was arrested and locked in a jail cell during what was "the worst" of my long time addiction to heroin.  My body and soul had been taken over by the demons I myself had created.  These demons did not hesitate to keep me fearful of the coming pain and withdrawal.  They took over my thoughts and filled them with desperation, pain, suffering, and hopelessness.  Little did I know that I already had in my clutches one of the most powerful demon fighting weapons available.  As I let go of everything I thought I knew about life... the grip on this weapon started to tighten.   Even as my body weakened, the weapon grew stronger.  Being stripped of what I thought was everything, allowed for me to have complete trust in this weapon.  My weapon is the light of change through trusting the god of my understanding.  And after 16 days of fighting, that light of change which I kept so close to my heart had allowed me to have a profound spiritual awakening.  In that moment, I knew I wanted to live a better life, but what I had yet to realize was how much purpose my new life would began to have. 

Then on the 18th of May 2012, on bail and after 28 days of intensive rehab, I was released into the public to begin a new life.  A new attitude of gratitude, the love and support from my family and a healthy addiction to working out, became "the mortar" in the foundation for me to be able to remain clean and sober, and to be able to do it one day at a time.  My mind and body had been stripped of all its demons… so what remained was a very raw, very vulnerable, very open wound.  I choose life, and in order for that wound to heal into a beautiful scar, I continue to be mindful of every single thought, every single decision and every single move I make. 

I am Travis “The Featherhawk” Snyder, and I’m a humble, grateful and thankful person in long term recovery from addiction.  By the grace of love, I am able to share with you my story of courage, strength, and hope. I have been in recovery since December 22, 2011 and living a sober and healthy life after what was a 15 year progressive addiction to mind altering substances mostly heroin and opiates. The last 7 of those years were spent at the mercy of a syringe. On the same date in December, I was at the end of a two month long, hopeless drug binge. On this day I was arrested by two police officers who I now call my “Angels in Blue.” I was arrested for multiple drug charges and was immediately locked up in the Schuylkill County Prison. In jail I suffered from intense opiate withdrawal. It was during this time that I surrendered my will to the something greater than myself. I let go of everything I thought I knew about life, and asked for help. After suffering the hardest symptoms withdrawal for about 16 days, I had a profound spiritual awakening. I knew in that moment that I wanted to live a better life. What I did not realize was how hard it would be and then how much purpose my new life would eventually have.

According to the statistics I should not be able to address you in this capacity. Knowing this has allowed me to appreciate life on a level that I never thought was possible. I understand that my sobriety is a gift, and so I will use this gift to the best of my ability. My goal is simple: I will create moments, events and inspiration to help others come to there own spiritual realizations.  I will do this by sharing my story, my experiences, my thoughts, my words and my ongoing quest as a loving creator.  I am doing this face to face, through social media and through many other forms of technology.  I am serving as a bridge for those who are awakening into a more positive spiritual way of life.  Follow my blog posts as I share my life, my creations, my goals,  my dreams and my ongoing quest to be the most positive and passionate role model/spiritual leader that I am blessed to be. 


At this time in my life everything I do is centered around returning to that great source of love by cultivating inner peace and by helping others do the same.  My greatest life goal has always been to create art.  I believe that the art expression I am working toward creating will have the most influential affect for telling the inspirational story that I hold today.  This story is one that contains courage, hope, strength and unconditional positive regard for all things.  With this message I aim to inspire, and to help people expand their awareness by awakening into a higher consciousness, spiritual way of life.  I sense a shift that will send our society toward a more positive, awake and loving direction.  By God's grace, I am becoming part of this shift. 

Trusting the process

There will be so many positive moments that will stem from this journey.  Reminding people why it's important to be positive, mindful and hardworking each an every day.  Inspiring people and opening their minds to the amazing things we can achieve in our society.  Connecting and teaming up with people from all walks of life, including some who have an incredible amount of influence that have yet to use their abundance to heal.  Connecting with others through the natural law of attraction. Every interaction and accomplishment being done with the intentions of striving to transform the world with love and truth.

SO IT continues...